5 Items to keep your classic wardrobe up-to-date in 2015


blogging for fashion - trends 2015Having a wardrobe full of classic items can be a big plus: your style can rarely go wrong and you can invest in tailored cut, designer brands or luxurious fabric. However every now and then, we all can benefit from trendy touches to avoid being labelled as dull and predictable. Add these 5 items to your wardrobe to remain classic yet up-to-date with the fashion happenings of 2015.


Wrap skirt

Wrap skirts were all the rage on spring catwalks this year. Everywhere people seem to rave about the asymmetric cut. So whether you opt for a knee-length or mini-skirt, feminine floral or bold checked pattern, make sure it’s a wrap. A wrap skirt can be dressed up with a classy blouse and a tailored blazer or down with a tee and sneakers. Anyone who is a classics lover also loves versatility, and a wrap skirt is the exact all-in-one item that you will fall in love with.


Flare jeans

The ‘70s is back with full force and flare jeans are sought after like never before. This is an item that is figure-flattering for a wide range of body shapes, especially when paired with high heels. Tuck in a striped sweater and put on a pair of leather platforms for casual Friday at the office or pair an embroidered top with cork heels to create a Hobo chic look for a day out in town. There are zillions of ways you can play with flare jeans so embrace this 70s’ flashback.


Cropped pants

Cropped pants with wide flare legs (aka “culottes”) are absolutely in vogue this year, and they are hot stuff for a reason (or two): simplicity and elegance. Being stylish has never been easier: just pair them up with a basic top, a pair of heels (either ankle boots or sandals will do) and a simple cross-body bag or a clutch and voila, you are good to go! Easy sophistication.



Being one of the hottest trends in 2014, the heat for jumpsuits hasn’t seemed to cool down yet in 2015. From colorful rompers that rock the beach to luxe silk jumpsuits that turn heads at cocktail parties, the jumpsuit flavors keep going on and on. The ultimate example to show you how versatile a jumpsuit can be is Solange Knowles’s wedding jumpsuit, which created a bold fashion statement, yet remained chic and classy as a bridal gown.


Little White Dress

From the New York Fashion Week Spring 2015, the all-white trend had hit the high street even before the models finished the catwalk. This season, white is the new black. There’s nothing not to love about white – it’s fresh, feminine, elegant and compliments any skin tone. And if you want to choose one white item to splurge on, get yourself a Little White Dress – a trendy way to make you stay classic.

Being a classics lover doesn’t mean that your wardrobe can’t have an update once in a while. The 5 items above are simple ways for you to keep up with fashion trends in 2015 and at the same time stay classic and tasteful.